I help business professionals make a strong visual first impression.

Your virtual presence matters more than you know. Prior to committing to the services you offer your potential client has researched you online. Ash M Photography is dedicated to ensuring that Central Florida professionals make the best visual first impression every time. 

The goal of your headshot is to show professionalism, your personality and your brand.

I promise to know your personal/corporate brand prior to your headshot session. We will go over all of the details.  I know some might say, "but it's just headshots." What they don't know is headshots can be the difference between landing the deal of not. Your headshot should showcase your unique personality and should be able for effective use in a variety of ways throughout your website, social media and marketing platforms! It’s all about capturing who you are, what you provide and what makes your brand unique. In order to maximize your headshot session let's first define your brand.

My Promise!

Sessions designed for business professionals interested in making a good first visual impression.
Starting at $285.

Individual  Headshots

Packages designed to ensure you and your staff have headshots that are both cohesive and effective.
Starting at $265/professional

Having a company staff image is a must!  Company photos are a great snapshot to show your clients, upload to social media and printed articles.
Starting at $300.

Corporate Group Portrait

Corporate Headshots

"Headshots are the new handshake.
Are yours weak or strong?"

— ash m 

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